Man arrested for sneaking onto the red carpet at The Oscars

By Edwin Folven, 2/28/2013


One suspect was arrested after sneaking onto the red carpet in front of the Dolby Theatre at the 85th Academy Awards last Sunday.

The suspect was identified as Alfonso Bermudez, 50. Lt. Marc Reina, with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division, said private security detained Bermudez around 5 p.m. because he did not have proper media credentials to be on the red carpet, and turned him over to LAPD officers. Investigators determined the press pass he was carrying was fake, and Bermudez was booked for felony forgery at the Hollywood Division.

“He had one that he apparently doctored up,” Reina said. “We don’t know exactly what he was up to. We are not sure how he breached security, but he was found on the red carpet out in front of the show when things were just getting started. It appears he was just someone who wanted to be part of the event and wanted to be on the red carpet.”

Reina said Bermudez never posed a threat to any of the celebrities or others gathered in front of the theatre. Another individual was detained briefly for allegedly trying to sneak into a restricted area outside the theatre, but police determined no crime had been committed, and he was not arrested. Reina said a third man was taken into custody near the theatre for drunk driving after he attempted to drive into an area off Hollywood Boulevard that was closed for the Academy Awards.

“It was fairly uneventful for a big event like that,” Reina said. “The LAPD works with private security and there is always tight security, but this year we didn’t have many problems.”

Last year, eight people were arrested outside the Academy Awards. Reina said the arrests involved trespassing into restricted areas, and there was one battery.



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