60 arrested in Hollywood New Year’s revelry

By Edwin Folven, 1/03/2013


Police in Hollywood arrested approximately 60 people overnight on New Year’s Eve and  between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, with a majority of the arrests attributed to alcohol or drug use.

Lt. Marc Reina, with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood Division, said 12 drivers were arrested for driving under the influence, and 28 people were arrested for being drunk in public. He said the other arrests were for possession of narcotics, fighting, or people with outstanding warrants. He said the number of arrests was unusually high compared to a typical Friday or Saturday night, when approximately 30 people are arrested.

“There were no shootings or any serious violence, so that was good,” Reina said. “The boulevard wasn’t that crowded, but the clubs were crowded. As they let out, we had fights, people walking in the streets with an open container, and things like that.”

Reina said the LAPD deployed extra officers on New Year’s Eve, and a mobile jail facility was set up near the police station on Wilcox Ave. to handle the arrests.

He likened the situation to Halloween, when thousands of people come to Hollywood despite there not being any official events.

“We have to have a whole system in place,” he said. “Half of our detective staff was called in just to process detainees.”



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