Celebrate like there’s no tomorrow

By Aaron Blevins, 12/20/2012

End-of-the-world celebrations scheduled for Friday, Dec. 21


Cue the R.E.M. music: The end of the Mayan calendar (or the world) is Friday, and several entities will celebrate the potential apocalypse in style with drinks, events and fond memories of life on Earth.

According to extensive research done by Farmers Market Bars manager Gary Twinn, the best place to endure an Armageddon of any flavor is to spend the evening at EB’s or 326 Beer & Wine.

“It’s the best place to survive a catastrophe,” he said, noting that the surrounding Market would offer any needed items in the event of mass devastation. “As it happens, we usually have a good crowd on Fridays anyway.”

Twinn invited patrons to “dance into oblivion” with live music by Mike Mann & Cowboy Soul, while barkeeps serve up drink specials and snacks. He said the staff will hand out little survival kits “just in case.”

“If the world does in fact end, after midnight we’ll have half-priced drinks,” Twinn added.

He said the bars have marketed the end of the world celebration by causing “as much panic as possible.” However, Twinn wished everyone well in their upcoming struggle to survive.

“I hope to see you on the other side of the oblivion,” he said.

True to form, the city of West Hollywood will be going out with a bang on Friday, when local businesses and bars along Santa Monica Boulevard will offer promotions and entertainment.

Participating businesses are Abbey Food & Bar, Block Party WeHo, Eleven Nightclub, Fiesta Cantina, Mickey’s, Revolver Video Bar and Yogurt Stop. Larrabee Street, from Santa Monica Boulevard to the alleyway, will be closed.

City councilman John Duran, who organized the event, said two comedians — Ant and Momma — will perform. Patrons will also be treated to live entertainment and a Mayan raindance. At 9:12 p.m., organizers will have a countdown.

“If we hit 9:13, we’ll know we survived,” Duran said.

The event is free and open to the public. The councilman said the city spent $5,000 on the party, which is being hosted during a “slow” weekend for some businesses. He said he hopes it spurs some commercial activity.

“You can only have an end-of-the-world party once, hopefully,” Duran added.

Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge will be in Griffith Park, although there are no official events planned there. Earlier in the day at the Griffith Observatory, stargazers will observe the winter solstice, which marks the beginning of winter.

LaBonge said officials will be protecting the park from the mischievous, while getting an education about the stars. He expressed agitation at the Mayans for scheduling such an event on a Friday, and said he’ll have words for the Mayan Neighborhood Council during their next meeting.

“The next time they come before council, they’re going to get a rash for having this on a Friday,” LaBonge joked.

On a serious note, he said the city and its police department are prepared for the potential apocalypse — or any wrongdoers seeking to create problems — on Friday.

“Let’s hope that nothing happens,” LaBonge said. “Everyday’s a blessing, and there’s going to be more to come.”

According to the city of West Hollywood, the Mayan Long Count Calendar is comprised of 394-year periods called baktuns. Experts have estimated that the system started counting at 3114 B.C., and would have run 13 baktuns on Friday. The number 13 was significant to the Mayans, who felt that the end of that cycle would be a milestone.



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