Pedestrian killed at 6th and Hauser

By Aaron Blevins, 7/12/2012


A 74-year-old woman was killed after being struck by a car and pinned against a residence at Hauser Boulevard and 6th Street at approximately 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday.

The vehicle that struck the pedestrian came to rest against a townhouse near the corner of 6th Street and Hauser Boulevard. (photo by Aaron Blevins)

According to LAPD’s West Traffic Division, a vehicle driven by a 27-year-old Los Angeles resident was traveling westbound on 6th Street when it collided with a vehicle driven by a 61-year-old Los Angeles resident. The second driver was headed eastbound on 6th Street and attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Hauser Boulevard.

The collision forced the westbound vehicle off the road and into the pedestrian, who was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. Authorities have yet to release her name. The drivers of the two vehicles sustained only minor injuries.

Officers do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in the collision.

“They need speed bumps [here],” area resident Matthew Gray said, adding that he sees or hears approximately five accidents per month. “It’s got to be the most dangerous little intersection in L.A.”

Gray, who witnessed the accident, said the driver who struck the woman ran a red light while headed westbound on 6th Street. The driver collided with a vehicle coming through the intersection and careened toward the woman and the townhouse, he said. The pedestrian was standing at the northwest corner of the intersection.

Gray said the car struck the pedestrian with a lot of force, and paramedics quickly transported the victim to the hospital. He said the woman was severely injured but moving shortly after the collision.



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5 Responses to “Pedestrian killed at 6th and Hauser”

  1. yanky says:

    Will Park La Brea do something to protect it’s residents?
    Like Speed bumps? There are atleast 1 or 2 accidents a week!!!

  2. wanda ivey says:

    Hi, I just heard about the accident last night. I live on Burnside & 6th St. and we also have a lot of traffic accidents. Something serious has to be implemented and soon. I don’t know if a speed bump will be enough as we have them on Burnside and cars still speed. It’s so tragic that
    she lost her life while waiting to cross. Drivers drive too fast just to get to the next red light… Several young kids also cross 6th & Burnside coming from school. Perhaps signs with a speed limit would help.
    Many drivers,especially later at night speed and go through red lights.

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