Wesson Returns to Council After Recovering from Fall

By Edwin Folven, 5/03/2012


City Council President Herb Wesson, 10th District, returned to council chambers Tuesday after being injured in a fall down some stairs in his home on April 22.

Wesson suffered a cut to his scalp and some bruising around one eye, and was treated at an emergency room, according to his deputy, Ed Johnson.

“He did take a nasty spill,” Johnson said. “You take things for granted when you are in your home.”

The council president required stitches, and he was released from the hospital the same day. He took last week off to allow time for recovery, John-son added, but remained in close contact with fellow council members and the mayor’s office. Wesson commented that the fall left him looking “like Joe Frazier after the Thrilla in Manila”, Johnson confirmed.

“His sense of humor is still in-tact,” he added.



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