City Council May Crack Down on Risky Downhill Skateboarders

By Edwin Folven, 5/03/2012


The Los Angeles City Council is considering new laws to regulate a skateboarding technique known as “bombing,” where riders barrel down steep roadways at speeds in excess of 40 mph.

City Councilmember Joe Buscaino, 15th District, has proposed regulations that would subject skateboarders to the same laws of the road as bicyclists and motorists. Buscaino authored the motion because bombing is a popular practice on steep hills in San Pedro, but the ordinance would apply citywide, according to Buscaino’s deputy, Dennis Gleason. Two teens have been killed within the last six months while bombing in the San Pedro-area, Gleason added. Los Angeles Police Department officers have tried to reduce bombing but have been hindered because skateboarding is not regulated like most other forms of transportation, Gleason said.

The new regulations would allow police to cite riders for excessive speed, not stopping at stop signs or signals, skateboarding while not wearing a helmet, and other vehicle code violations. If the City Council approves the motion, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office would draft an ordinance that would be examined again by the council’s Public Safety Committee, and eventually the full council.



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