Mid-City Planning Committee on the Agenda

By Josh Premako, 4/26/2012


The Mid-City West Community Council’s executive council is set to discuss on Wednesday plans for revamping its planning committee, nearly two months after the panel was gutted amid controversy.

The council’s March 6 vote to remove all members — save Chair Stan Brent — from the 12-seat Planning and Land Use Committee was viewed by some residents as a response to a contentious situation.

Brent has been drafting a recommendation for new appointees and procedures.

“At the meeting I will be presenting a number of guidelines that will hopefully allow us to move forward,” Brent said. “I’m hopeful they will be well received.”

In addition to recommendations for potential committee appointees, Brent said his recommendations would address suggested procedures and training concepts for new members.

The Mid-City West Community Council is one of 83 certified Los Angeles neighborhood councils. Its 45-member board weighs in on community concerns including renters’ issues, land use and development. About 42,000 people live within the council’s boundaries.

The city’s Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) oversees all of the councils.

The planning committee reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council about development projects or projects requiring land-use permits.

Brent said he has been working closely with DONE officials in drafting his recommendations.

Shortly after the March decision to remove nearly all the committee members, council Chair Sheryl Turner described community stakeholders and project applicants as “whipped around like badminton pucks” by committee members with strong personalities and personal agendas.

Brent said that in the past, committee members may have come on board without enough understanding of the committee or the city’s requirements for project applicants. He said he hopes his recommendations help rectify that.

The executive council is scheduled to meet Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in Room 106 of the National Council of Jewish Women, located at 543 N. Fairfax Ave. For more information visit



One Response to “Mid-City Planning Committee on the Agenda”

  1. Jim O'Sullivan says:

    Mr. Brent is totally at fault for this fiasco. He brought a very large project with Environmental issues to the Land Use committee but only delivered the materials necessary to evaluate the project a day before the meeting. The committee members who stated that they needed more time to evaluate the project should be applauded not railroaded off the committee. As a founding member and 3 time Chair of Mid City West I am appalled by the constant violations of the bylaws and Brown Act by the current leadership. Further the failure of the City Attorney’s office, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and Councilman Koretz’s office to protect the Community will not be forgotten the next time elections are held.

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