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Hearing Postponed for Job Corps Murder Suspect

By Josh Premako, 4/05/2012


The court date for Freddy Leyva, charged with stabbing a Hollywood job counselor to death last month, has been continued to April 24.

The plea entry was continued for a status conference to determine Leyva’s mental competency, said Sandi Gibbons, of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Leyva, 22, was arrested March 14 at the Hollywood Studio Club on N. Lodi Place, after he allegedly stabbed Dwayne Alexander several times. Alexander, 49, was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Other students reportedly held down Leyva until police officers arrived at the scene.

Leyva is being held at Men’s Central Jail in lieu of $1 million bail, and Los Angeles Police Department detectives are investigating.

Alexander had been a program advisor for about a year and was reportedly well liked by staff and students.

He worked about 25-30 hours per week mentoring students at the dorm, which is home to a little more than 100 students. Business and community liaison Kathy Farrar described Alexander’s role as similar to a resident advisor, overseeing students, assisting them with things they might need and mentoring them.

The Studio Club is a dormitory for students ages 16-24 enrolled in the city’s Job Corps Center training program. Students are admitted based on their academic performance and behavior.



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5 Responses to “Hearing Postponed for Job Corps Murder Suspect”

  1. santos flores says:

    hi my name is santos flores wen I heard about this I was shocked and very sentimental I known freddy for about 5 to 6 years he is my best friend I met him in highschool he was always there for me he isn’t a kind of person that would do things like that I kno him he was into church a very religious guy if there’s any updates plz let me kno and if anybody knos anythin plz step up

  2. javier1 says:

    freddy is a sick cold blooded animal , he deserves to die in prison , i was his roomate for three weeks leading up to this incident, and i saw that he knew exactly what he was doing , he took a good mans life for no reason . the last thing he was is relligous.

  3. Angel Family of dwayne says:

    Thanks Javierl for your comment..I agree. If he was a nice person he wouldnt have killed such a loving sweet man such as Dwayne Alexander who only wanted to help others in his life. I was very close to him and loved very much. He didnt deserve this treatment..NOT AT ALL. His Killer is an animal an deserves the same treatment. He is mentally sick but deserve to stand trial and take his punishment for the crime he committed PERIOD!!!

  4. Wronful Death says:

    Please update us on the trial. Thanks

  5. Turtle says:

    I owe my life to Mr. A. I can say he has bin a role model ever since I met him in 2011. I was there when he first got hired & took the job as are PA of the downtown dorm before he got promoted to the Hollywood dorm. Before I left job core in 2012 he was the last person I spoken to. He told me to keep my head up as he helped take my stuff to the car. He always looked me in my eyes gave life changing advice & a firm handshake. When I heard the news Im not afraid to admit i cried it felt like my father died because I never know how much he meant to me until he was gone, I just wish I got a chance to tell him that. I’m also familiar with Freddy I personally did not care for him & I really don’t care for him because he took a person away from me that ment alot to me. I recently heard his church was trying to bail him out of jail. I CURSE HIS SOUL & ANYBODY TRYING TO HELP HIM IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I HOPE YOU ROT & DIE IN JAIL. Mr A. I will never forget you as long as I am alive YOU WILL LIVE THREW ME. Rest In Peace

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