‘A Hot Dog You Can’t Refuse’

By Aaron Blevins, 4/27/2012


In honor of late actor Marlon Brando’s birth month, Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood held Marlon Brando Day on Friday, offering free hot dogs to customers who showed up dressed as Brando’s characters in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “The Godfather” or “The Wild One”.

Miko Brando (left), the son of late actor Marlon Brando, and Charley De La Pena, a Brando impersonator, show off a Pink's Hot Dogs dish renamed after the late actor on Friday. (photo by Aaron Blevins)

“We wanted to create a hot dog you can’t refuse,” co-owner Richard Pink said of the event.

He said Brando was a regular at Pink’s. Richard’s wife, Gloria, said he always ordered the restaurant’s chili dog, which featured a quarter-pound of beef, mustard, onions, chili and cheese. In celebration, staff members renamed it, “The Brando”.

“It snaps when you bite into it,” Gloria said, “and that’s what he had. He had our legendary chili cheese dog whenever he came to Pink’s.”

For the event, the business wheeled in a replica of a Italian automobile featured in “The Godfather”. Staff members also rolled out the red carpet, and invited immediate members of Brando’s family, such as his son, Miko.

Richard Pink said it was fitting to offer a tribute to the late actor.

“He used to sit in the back and eat hot dogs with everybody else. He loved our hot dogs,” he said, adding that Brando was beloved by Hollywood, much like Pink’s. “Brando personified Hollywood. Pink’s is like that. We’ve been a Hollywood legend since 1939 — or as we like to call ourselves the ‘Little Hotdog Stand That Could.’”

Brando was born April 3, 1924, and died July 1, 2004. Pink’s is located at 709 N. La Brea Ave.



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