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Late summer is the perfect time to celebrate the peak of the season, where the warm sun brings California fruit to ripeness, like the tomato. With its rich blend of sweet and savory flavors that are never more full than in August, Larchmont Grill presents “Tomato Week”.

“We are excited to make tomato week an annual event,” said Sean Bates, owner. “Our Tomato Week menu is crafted to showcase the very freshest tastes tomatoes bring, paired with other in-season flavors to complement them perfectly.”

Come celebrate the flavorful tomato for lunch and dinner until August 28 with tomatoes as the featured ingredient across three courses.. Among the appetizers available are the Moon-Dried Tomato Spring Roll, stuffed with avocado and crab meat and the Tomato-Fig Tart, with sweet onions and roasted yellow cherry tomatoes and a mini garlic-rubbed grilled cheese, tomato and prosciutto sandwich. Entrées offered include Orecchiette with garbanzos, tomatoes, feta and mint, a Grilled Arctic Char with Tomato Gratinade, with artichoke hearts and in a lemon, rosemary, and sun-dried tomato sauce, and a Grilled Pork tenderloin with a tomato peach compote.For dessert, a spice cake with green tomato marmalade and cream cheese icing or a tomato peach tarte tatin. 5750 Melrose Ave. (323)464-4277.




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