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Hollywood Farmer’s Market to Remain on Ivar

By Matt Wilhalme, 7/21/2011

L.A. Film School Stays Complaint


The Hollywood Farmer’s Market will remain at its present location now that the L.A. Film School has agreed to stay its complaint about a portion of the market on Ivar Avenue. (photo courtesy of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market)

Earlier this year, the L.A. Film School filed an official complaint against the Hollywood Farmer’s Market to prevent the market from obtaining another permit to continue operating, but now it seems the school has had a change of heart that has resulted in the market obtaining an annual street closure permit.

On July 14, Pompea Smith, the market’s manager, said she found out the complaint had been withdrawn through the media, and by the next day, the market was celebrating receiving a street closure permit, which they had been blocked from obtaining because of the film school’s complaint.

In a statement released by the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, the organization thanked City Council President Eric Garcetti, 13th District, whom the market described as a strong advocate, as well as the many supporters in “calling for the market to remain in its current layout, as it has been for the past twenty years.”

The conflict between the L.A. Film School and the Hollywood Farmer’s Market began over access to a parking garage on Ivar Avenue, and in the past several months, the two organizations had been negotiating over alternative solutions for the market to possibly relocate to another area. But in recent weeks the talks had broken off.

“We have agreed to stay our protest,” said Jenna Langer, vice president of operations for the L.A. Film School.  “We have not withdrawn our protest.”

Langer said that in staying their protest, if issues between the organizations continue to exist, they could reinstate their complaint.

“It’s been very stressful because it wasn’t fully finalized for a number of weeks and months, and we have been waiting for the film school to work cooperatively with us,” Smith said.

Smith added that she hoped that the market could continue discussions with the school and city to find a more permanent solution that all parties find beneficial.






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